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Younger Dryas

A novel by Michael McKay


Based on real events. 12,800 years ago. A star is on track to hit Earth.

With knowledge of the impending disaster, Kon-Tiki, a storyteller from an advanced culture in the Pacific Islands, is sent to Peru. His mission is to settle with the natives and to convince them to help build a pyramid—a machine he says can restore balance to Earth post-disaster. 

Kon-Tiki meets Jung, a young hunter-gatherer from The Cloud Forest who believes the crashed star is a sign his father’s spirit is trapped on the way to the afterlife. Kon-Tiki convinces Jung that his pyramid can take him to his father by connecting Earth with the stars.

With the promise of a ticket to ride the machine, Jung journeys north to the crash site in search of a shard of the star which Kon-Tiki says is the key to starting the pyramid. If he fails, Kon-Tiki says the apocalyptic conditions will never end and Jung’s father will disappear forever. 

But as things unravel, it becomes clear that not everything Kon-Tiki says is true. He seems to have other plans. But he also seems to have underestimated the power in Jung.