A novel by Michael McKay


It’s 12,800 years ago… Jung, a boy from The Cloud Forest in southern Peru, becomes separated from his tribe when a comet hits Earth.

Battling floods, earthquakes, and below-freezing conditions, Jung goes in search of his father who he lost the day before the disaster. Retracing his father’s footsteps, he travels to Lake Titicaca where he encounters Kon-Tiki, a strange-looking man who claims to have sailed from the other side of Earth.

Kon-Tiki tells Jung he has come to Peru to build a pyramid—a machine connected to the pyramids in Egypt—which can take a passenger to any time and place in the universe. He promises Jung a ticket to use the pyramid to find his father if he can retrieve a piece of the star that hit earth.

With his own reasons to visit the crash site, Jung agrees to the deal and journeys north… As things unravel it becomes clear nothing is what it seems.