A novel

Younger Dryas

by michael mckay

coming 2020



About the book

Younger Dryas is a ficitional novel set at the onset of the younger dryas glacial freeze—12,800 years ago. The book is based on research from Graham Hancock’s books.

It’s 10,817 BC

A star has become trapped in earth’s orbit and broken apart. In less than a season the earth will collide with a gauntlet of debris. Carnage is guaranteed.

Luckily, the Viracochan star watchersspecialists from an advanced civilisation in Gunung Padang, Indonesiahave been expecting the skies to turn for some time.

In anticipation of the disaster, they send 3 arcs to 3 destinations: Egypt, Angkor Wat and Nazca. The mission of each crew is to settle with the natives and to build a Viracochan civilisation and pyramida school of knowledge. Their aim to assemble a machine spanning the length of Earth that can put an end to the impending destruction.

Accompanied by 50 specialists, 100 combat men, and a head full of stories about a machine that can take men to the stars, Kontiki—the narrator, a specialist storyteller—thinks it will be easy. But that’s all about to change when he meets the boy from the cloud forest. 

Younger Dryas is based on research covered by Graham Hancock in his books: Fingerprints of the Gods, Magicians of the Gods, and America Before.


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